Black & White

ABV: 40%
Packaging: 0.700 l

Black & White is an exquisite and stylish scotch whisky, recognized for its quality, heritage, and character. There are three single-malt whiskeys found in the heart of the blend. Dalwhinnie – the highest distillery of Scotland, that makes single-malt whiskeys, giving light, smooth and sweet flavor with a bouquet of scents. Clynelish, whose distillery is located in the northern parts of the Highlands region, provides a richer body and smokey notes to the blend. Glendullan – single malt from a distillery in the Speyside region, giving worm smoothness, malt sweetness, and fruit notes. 35 various grain and malt whiskeys provide the characteristic for this exquisite blend nuances. Working in tandem, all of them create a taste, which is enjoyed worldwide and makes the Black & White the preferred drink and a stylish choice among the scotch whisky lovers.
Did you know: The creator of Black & White, James Buchanan, loved animals. One day in the late 19th century, he got the idea for one of the most popular brands in the world, when he was going home from a dog show. The Black Scottish terrier and the White terrier of west Highlands have become a distinctive feature of the brand, and can still be found in its logo.