ABV: 40%
Разфасовки: 0.500l, 0.700l, 1l, 1.750l

Портфолио: Bushmills Original, Bushmills Bourbon Cask Finish, Bushmills Caribbean Cask Finish, Black Bush, Bushmills 10YO Single Malt, Bushmills 16YO Single Malt, Bushmills 21YO Single Malt

The oldest distillery in Ireland. Established on the rocky coast of the Antrim region, the Bushmills settlement is home to the oldest Irish distillery. The first official documents dating back to 1680 when the license for distillation in the region was issued. 400 years later, thanks to the experience and craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation, Bushmill is still making whisky. We can’t make whisky at another place, other than here. Our water, obtained from the river Bush, flows over basalt rocks – the same ones that grant a unique character to another local attraction – the Giant’s Causeway. The casks we choose for the aging of our whisky are of utmost importance, as well, and this is why we get them from selected coopers from Spain, Portugal, and the US. Once delivered to the Old Distillery of Bushmills, our master brewers check each cask before they fill it up and leave it to age. This way, the casks give a rich, smooth, and characteristic taste to our whisky.