Captain Morgan


ABV: 35%, 37.5%, 40%
Packaging: 0.700l, 1l
Portfolio: Captain Morgan Dark, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, Captain Morgan White

Captain Morgan rum is an alcoholic beverage no. 3 by volume in the United States and No. 7 in the world. Captain Morgan Original Spiced is a 100% Jamaican rum, which is obtained by mixing molasses, water, malt, and yeast in special distilleries. After undergoing a distillation process, the pure alcohol matures in oak barrels for at least a year, gaining a golden color and softness – one of the hallmarks of rum. A combination of different natural flavors and high-quality herbs is then added to the aged rum. Captain Morgan Original Spiced gets its remarkably rich taste and amber color thanks to the use of a secret patented recipe in its production.