ABV: 40%
Packaging: 0.700l

Портфолио: Cardhu 12YO Single Malt, Cardhu Gold Reserve, Cardhu Amber Rock, Cardhu 15YO Single Malt, Cardhu 18YO Single Malt

CARDHU has an inspiring 200-year history. It was the first distillery purchased by John Walker & Sons Ltd in 1893 to provide malt whiskey of the highest quality and to this day is the spiritual home of John Walker & Sons Ltd. CARDHU is available in a unique bottle that acts as a decanter. Its elegant curves and wide shoulders allow easy pouring. CARDHU is pronounced “Cardu” and means “black stone” in Gaelic – Carraig Dubh.
Cardhu 12YO Single Malt is rich in flavor Single Malt Scotch Whiskey from the Cardhu family. Clean, crunchy, and oak sweet malt. Slow aging of 12 years in order to allow the development of fruity notes.
For the creation of Cardhu Gold Reserve, Master Blender Matthew Crowe carefully selected casks to create a smooth sweet, rich, and soft single malt whiskey. Serve in a large glass clean or with a little water. Gold Reserve also unfolds fruity aromas when served with ice.
Cardhu 15YO is manufactured using the ‘small and slow’ technology for 15 years to create exceptional smoothness. With delicate tropical fruit aromas, drier notes of oak, and a light smokiness.
Cardhu Amber Rock is double-aged in toasted oak bourbon barrels, for a rich, amber liquid.