ABV: 37.5%, 40%
0.700l, 1.750l

Portfolio: French Grape Ultra Premium Vodka Cîroc, French Grape Ultra Premium Vodka Cîroc Pineapple, French Grape Ultra Premium Vodka Cîroc Mango

Deluxe vodka CÎROC – a perfect balance between style and taste. CÎROC is the first and only vodka in the world made from grapes. CÎROC is based on the high-quality Mauzac Blanc grape variety, which is grown in the Gaillac region, one of the oldest and highest-positioned wine-producing regions in France. The “heart” of the vodka – Mauzac Blanc – is distilled four times before blending with quadruple distilled alcohol from the Ugni Blanc grape variety from the Cognac region in France. The fifth and final distillation takes place in the family distillery, located in a beautiful area in the Cognac region. Here is the real production of CÎROC – in copper cauldrons, according to the old, traditional method, which gives CÎROC its soft character and makes it elegant and fragrantly fresh. The taste of CÎROC is very light, with a fresh character, which is revealed at the first sip. There are hints of green apple. The finish is refreshing, with a richer and denser texture; delicate citrus vapors balance the alcohol almost immediately.