VAT 69

ABV: 40%
Packaging: 0.700l, 1 l

The blend scotch whisky VAT 69 is an outstanding scotch with a warm, rich character, which is immediately distinguished and liked all around the world. VAT 69 is a whisky, created after countless degustations in 1882. After developing over 100 blends, William Sanderson faced a formidable issue – all of them were so good, that he couldn’t pick the one that would be presented to the market. Then, the perceptive Sanderson left his colleagues to decide. And the decision was unanimous – without a doubt, the blend under the number 69 was superior over the others. Today, millions of whiskey lovers can agree with that – VAT 69 (vat is basically another word for cask), has a tremendous taste. It is still enjoyed, thanks to the rigorous standards set by William Sanderson in the production of this blend.