Vinos Sanz


Packaging: 0.750l

Portfolio: Sanz Clasico, Sanz Verdejo, El Loco De Finca, Finca La Colina Verdejo, Sanz La Capital Roble

One of the best white wineries in Spain, located in its heart – the Rueda region, located on the banks of the majestic Douro River. It’s amazing how crunchy fresh white wines come from this hot area! The “culprit” is the local white variety Verdejo, which experts believe is a relative of Sauvignon Blanc from neighboring France. Vinos Sanz is a winery with a centuries-old history, known to all connoisseurs of quality wines, and specializing in the production of magnificent, classic white Verdejo. Sanz Clásico, El Loco, Finca la Colina are all wines with a sense of origin and depth, but besides them, the winery confidently goes in the direction of the red wines from Tempranillo – the red star of Spain with its wine La Capital Roble.