Avendi enriched its portfolio with another brand – VEGETA

In July 2021. Avendi became the official distributor of a new series of products – herbs and mono spices VEGETA.

The products are presented on the Bulgarian market for the first time, for the range of products of the manufacturer Podravka in the segment Universal spices.

The figure of the chef is one of the most recognizable elements of the brand and emphasizes the identity of the brand as a whole.

The development of the line with mono spices and herbs in different packages – sachets, jars and grinders, allows the brand to present its capabilities to more fully meet the culinary needs of consumers, as well as its impeccable quality, intense aroma and excellent taste of 100% natural ingredients.

The wide and varied range makes it possible to prepare dishes with different tastes, gives them the desired “final touch” to achieve the best culinary MASTERY.