Borges with the first walnut drink on the world and local market

The new additions to Borges products are the rice-based drinks with Borges Natura nuts.

Soy, rice and oat drinks, which are a great alternative to animal milk, have long been available around the world. They are 100% plant-based and do not contain lactose and dairy products, and their benefits are numerous – they are delicious, easy to digest and recommended for people with lactose intolerance. In addition, this type of product is increasingly popular among vegans, vegetarians, people with similar habits and philosophies and all those who care about their health.

Borges was the first producer to combine a rice drink with the richness of a walnut. The result is again a 100% plant product, enabling healthy and complete nutrition, which at the same time has a truly unique taste. Borges Natura does not contain animal products, but guarantees the supply of plant protein necessary for the body. Walnuts, with their many qualities, can be extremely valuable for any diet. Borges Natura is rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B9 and magnesium. Omega-3 fatty acids take care of the heart, vitamin B9 helps with anemia, and magnesium fights fatigue.

The new plant-based drink is available in three different flavors: Borges Natura Walnut Drink, Borges Natura Almond Drink and Borges Natura Hazelnut Drink. The first thing that distinguishes the product from the others is the unique recipe. Another factor is the higher content of nuts, which exceeds other products on the market. The drinks contain 5% walnuts, 4% almonds or 3% hazelnuts and, in combination with rice, make the taste of Borges Natura extremely soft and pleasant. The products do not contain added sugar, gluten, lactose and dairy products, which makes them extremely suitable for many diets.

Borges brings more taste and possibilities to the vast world of food and drink and gives us more options and freedom with each new product.