New from the distillery in Dufftown The Singleton Malt Master on the Bulgarian market

Singleton Dufftown
With a legacy of nearly 200 years of tradition and experience in creating perfectly balanced single malt whiskeys, The Singleton takes its mastery seriously. But that doesn’t make it petrified or old-fashioned, and it certainly doesn’t make it whiskey, which can only be appreciated by experienced connoisseurs. Singleton’s mission is to be the single malt whiskey that one can most easily enjoy, and its portfolio contains extremely soft and affordable works of whiskey magic that are perfect for new fans.

The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master is the new soft and affordable offer from Spaceside. Malt master Craig Wilson personally selected the barrels from the rich collection of the Dufftown distillery – established in 1896 to produce distinctive Spaceside whiskey, which combines rich, fruity, and copper notes. The new The Singleton Malt Master matures in European and American wine, sherry, and bourbon barrels has a soft texture and predominantly sweet taste and is designed to attract and captivate a wider and more modern audience.

The distinctive bottle is inspired by a 19th-century bottle sculpted in blue glass and includes the series number, master’s signature, and taste characteristics to help consumers navigate the latitudes and depths of single malt whiskey. In this aesthetically pleasing bottle, The Singleton Malt Master hides the aroma of fresh fruit with hints of honey and vanilla, combined with a very slight hint of wood ash at the base, and a soft, fresh and sweet fruity taste with a pinch of white pepper for the finish.

Thanks to these delicate and carefully cultivated characteristics from Spaceside, The Singleton Malt Master is the perfect entrance to the secrets of single malt whiskeys for new lovers and another jewel in the collection of long-time connoisseurs.