Avendi in a new strategic partnership

Avendi’s long years of experience in the distribution of leading global brands and their successful positioning in the Bulgarian market, has once again made us a partner of choice. This time it is biggest manufacturer of disinfectants and personal care products in Bulgaria – HMI Co., Ltd. By signing a five year contract with the manufacturer in the end of 2020, Avendi became the official representative of the new series of products INVISIBLE PROTECTION. This new strategic partnership enriched our portfolio with a wide range of disinfectants and personal hygiene products.


HMI is the biggest manufacturer of disinfectants, antiseptics, professional detergents and industrial degreasers in Bulgaria. The accumulated huge experience throughout the years, professionalism and the pursuit of perfection have turned our company into a symbol of true cleanness, flawless disinfection and healthy hygiene.

Hands disinfection with an alcohol-based detergent is considered as best practice for hygiene in medicine. Nowadays, health care and personal hygiene have become people’s primary concern, and disinfection is a daily routine. Therefore, the products of the new series INVISIBLE PROTECTION are an indispensable ally in the battle against bacteria and viruses.

The high-quality products offer long-lasting protection, pleasant aroma, as well as a hypoallergenic gentle formula which allows long-term use. As per individual needs, everyone can find a suitable personal product and for family needs: hand sanitizers – gel or liquid, antibacterial foam, soap-foam for hand disinfection with antiviral action, mouthwash, hard-surface disinfectant, as well as hand lotion with urea for soft skin. The variety of size give the convenience for the products to be used in our daily routine.